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Moving Out?
What to expect
  • Pre-moveout Walk-though - There may be a pre-moveout walk-through that will be done by a representative of your community.  This should be scheduled with you when you give your Notice to Vacate. This walk-through allows the community to properly schedule painters, cleaners, etc. to get your apartment ready for the next tenant.

  • Move Out Inspection - On your day of move out, a representative of your community will complete a move out inspection.  This inspection is as much for you as it is for the community.  Any charges for damages will be accessed at this time.  It is a good idea for you to be present for this inspection.

Need To Change Your Move-out Day?
  • The day you give your Notice to Vacate, your community starts trying to lease your apartment.  The move in date for the new tenant can be as soon as 7 days after your move out date.

  • If you decide to change your move out date, it is important to do it as soon as possible.  Remember, there may be a new tenant making plans (reserving trucks, hiring movers, setting up utilities, etc.) to move in to your apartment. 

Move Out Charges
What You Won't and Will Be Charged For 

When you complete your move out inspection, it's important that you know what you WON'T and WILL be charged for.

  • Normal Wear and Tear - You will NOT be charged for normal wear and tear.  Anything considered outside of normal wear and tear may result in a charge.  CLICK HERE for more information about normal wear and tear.

  • Final Utilities - If you are charged utilities as part of your rental payment, you will be responsible for any utilities through your move out date.

How To Avoid Some Charges
  • Call in a Service Request - Some charges can potentially be avoided by simply calling in a service request to be completed before you move out. 
  • Paint accent walls - Did you paint an accent wall or even a room?  We certainly understand that you want your home to be "you", however there will be a charge to change that color back to the original color.  You can save some money by doing this yourself before you move. 
  • Crayon marks - If you have crayon marks or other heavy stains, you can avoid a charge by prepping those for paint with a stain blocker before you move.
  • Fill those nail holes - You will not normally be charged for nail holes unless there is an excessive amount.  You can fill those quickly and easily with your finger and some non-shrinking spackling. 
  • Wall Mounted TV? - If you have a wall mounted TV, you may have larger holes that will result in a charge. Use some spackling to fill the holes. 
  • Stove Drip Pans? - If your drip pans are unable to be reused, pick some up to avoid a charge. 
  • Clean - If have not already paid a cleaning fee, make sure you clean your apartment when you move out.
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